Contributions to research projects

Global Integrity - Money, Politics and Transparency

Money, Politics and Transparency is a global forum that provides a rich set of resources intended for stakeholders working to improve political finance systems in their own country, including in-depth research, analysis and case studies on political finance practices, global transparency principles for monitoring political finance and a link to a network of like-minded advocates.

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International IDEA - Political Finance Database

The International IDEA political finance database contains information on political finance control provisions in more than 175 countries around the world. That makes it the largest collection of such information. The information in this database shows the use of different types of regulations in individual countries, but it can also be used to compare the prevalence of various provisions between countries and regions.

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Leiden University - Party Law in Modern Europe

This research project seeks to cast empirical and theoretical light on the state of political parties and modern party democracy. It i investigates the changing conceptions of parties and democracy through a focus on party law, i.e. the nature and intensity of the legal regulation of parties in post-war Europe. 

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